Riches in Christ

On March 11th 1898 a teenager  by the name of Peter Dynacus sailed away from his homeland in Russia. He was bound for Nova Scotia. It was literally, for him, on the other side of the world. Peter would become an evangelist, whom God was to use in a mighty way. On this voyage the Lord would teach him an unforgettable lesson. Peter’s folks had saved for many months to send him on this journey. To save on the cost, the boy’s mother put together a huge box of food to carry him throughout his trip. But being poor, most of it was just rough bread and garlic.

Each day aboard ship, Peter would longingly peer through the window at the wealthy passengers in the dining hall, feasting. How he envied them as he would return to his little room and eat one more piece of his black bread with garlic. About halfway through his voyage some of the sailors noticed his plight, and they struck a deal with him. They promised him that if he would do their work for them in the kitchen that they would give him some food to eat. Peter was happy with this arrangement, and so he began to work very hard doing their chores. The sailors kept their promise and gave him food that he would eat in the back of the kitchen.

It wasn’t until the very last day of the voyage that Peter discovered the truth. The three meals a day in the dining room were included in the price of the ticket. He belonged in there with everybody else. He had been tricked into doing all of this work to get food that already belonged to him. And he never forgot that lesson, as it related to Salvation.

If I were to ask you if you understood that your ticket to heaven was completely free, you’d probably say, “Yes”. You might also say, “But we don’t understand all that is involved in this comprehensive ticket.” And that’s our problem today. Like Peter Dynacus, we don’t quite grasp all that is ours in Christ. Do we comprehend our standing as the redeemed? We may know about the benefits, we’ve heard them talked about: the peace and joy, the love and direction. The provision and protection. Strength in our weakness. The promised presence of Christ with us 24/7 forever. There are many benefits that come from being a part of the royal family in Christ. We are children of the King, and heirs with Him.

The very moment you placed your faith in Jesus, as your Christ, and were obediently baptized into Him, you were given every single promise in the bible. To often though, we don’t know how to go about gaining access to everything that already belongs to us. How do we put our faith into action in a way that engages the fruit of the Spirit? How do we use our faith in Jesus to pay our bills? To love an enemy? Or to face a horrible disease?

Apostle Paul used his citizenship of Rome wisely when he was wrongfully arrested. He knew what he had. He also knew that his standing in Christ was his greatest asset. Paul used his faith to sustain him throughout the many hardships he faced as a servant of Christ; beatings, shipwreck, stoning, persecution and imprisonment. And eventually death.

As for myself, I lived as a Christian for many years without putting  the benefits into action in my own life. I didn’t know how to use them. I didn’t realize it is the same faith that saved me which is needed to activate all of God’s promises for me. Every spiritual blessing is accessed through faith. But what does living within God’s promises look like in action? Ahh. That’s what God has called me to accomplish: make it easy for every believer to understand how to utilize all the benefits they have in Christ, and put God’s promises to work in their own lives.

God knew I would be passionate about this, because of how long I muddled through, without allowing God’s promises to take over, not knowing how.

That’s why I wrote a devotional book that is aptly titled: Meet Him on the Mountain

It’s like a starter kit: a short chapter a day guide. Lots of people read it through in the first sitting without applying the principles espoused therein. It is not possible to do all that the book leads you to do in one day. It takes 40 days.

Yet, many people have followed the book through for the 40 days, and had fellowship with God and supercharged their relationships with Him. It is a tremendous encouragement to me when people write and share the wonders they are discovering in Christ. Not in the book, in Christ. The book itself isn’t anything all that great. It is the Spirit who helped me write the book that is powerful. I pray you will make the commitment today to become obsessed with living a godly life. You don’t have to buy the book to do so, but I pray you will commit to drawing closer to God. Although, I do hope you will consider purchasing a copy of my first book. Because I need to put together the funds for another book, which is much more in-depth. This one is for Christians who are already mature in their faith.

Let’s really begin to make our relationship with Christ the most important thing in our lives. I can guarantee, He satisfies completely.



One thought on “Riches in Christ

  1. Such a blessing to the body of Christ, because most Christians(including myself) have and are living beneath the promise and blessings of the Lord, which he, himself gave to us as believers! Thank you Brother Sheldon for this explosive book, which is simple to read and understand to better our spiritual understanding! God continue to enlarge your territories!

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